Dear Command Line Tool,

Nobody Gave You Permission To Create $HOME/.your-stupid-tool;
Your Owner Has No Taste
And Should Learn That ~/.config And ~/.local/share Exist

Message management is fucking exhausting.
Amazon is garbage. But buying obscure stuff without it (or, online shopping in general) is _hard_. Especially when you're trying to find it at a comparable price to Amazon's.

I'm looking for flints for lighters. Possibly as a consequence of nobody coming around and asking for them anymore, but it seems very hard to find them (here in Italy) even though there's a tobacco shop in just about every corner.

There should be a way out of this. Something which allows users to look for obscure products in their cities without using guessing as the most viable option.
(Though it is one way to discover your local area/city...)
La domenica è quel momento paralizzante pieno di infiniti "potrei fare..."

espressione preferita del mese: void padano

nulla meglio esprime la sensazione del vivere nella pianura padana d'inverno che accostarla a quella di un videogioco anni 90 con la nebbia che crea una render distance di 10 metri e mezzo



> Meanwhile, *tech bros* will tell you that the reason you keep using their products despite professing a deep loathing for them is that they are dopamine-hacking evil sorcerers, a claim that doubles as a salespitch to credulous advertisers who love the idea that they can rent time on a mind-control ray and use it to trick you into buying their garbage.”

Spot on, @pluralistic


"C and C++ Prioritize Performance over Correctness"

applausi dopo gli atterraggi
Proposals > constructive criticisms > complaints > indifference


Hot new trend in AI generated art, the "more of this" meme.

The Failed Commodification Of Technical Work
If you also just played around with Makefiles all the time, hoping for things to work but never having really read any reference about them (ever), this may be a good resource for you:

Heartwarming! This 2-year-old's family couldn't afford his $20,000 electric wheelchair and their insurance didn't cover it. So, a high school robotics team burned down the insurance company's headquarters.


Reddit post on r/galaxybuds, titled "Two pairs of galaxy buds where the left becomes quieter than the right"
Comment on said post, saying "I know it sounds gross, but I just sucked on the metal grate tip while it was playing the find my buds and it went right back to normal.", and subsequent shocked responses from other reddit users.
Think Spotify shuffle is trash because it plays the usual 5 tracks to make Spotify more money? Now you can put on "Smart" shuffle, guaranteed to play even more arbitrary tracks that are algorithmically chosen to make Spotify more money!
Questa cosa è oro
Just landed in L.A.

The eternal struggle of "Is this an irish flag or a washed down italian flag"?
Tales from my trip to the US: employee at a pizzeria looks at my british passport for ID'ing me, points at the "and northern ireland" part of the name, and dead serious asks me "is this a double citizenship or somethin'?"
Ti dirò, se me lo dici così, non è che mi invogli più di tanto.
Image from Gboard clipboard
>Il 17 Ottobre [redacted] - una società specializzata in Consulenza, System Integration e Digital Services, dedicata all’ideazione, progettazione e implementazione di soluzioni basate sui nuovi canali di comunicazione e i media digitali

Mio fratello in cristo che cazzo hai appena scritto
Love predictive responses
(it would be more on-point if the two animals were a gopher and a crab, but alas my drawing skills don't get quite past the "stickman" mark)

i just love the internet
There's an appendix on the landmark paper by Page & Brin "The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine"[1] which is very much tongue-in-cheek with the direction Google has taken in the following years: one relating to how advertising is bound to create fewer useful search results for its users, in an attempt to not only add more search results for paying ads, but for filtering unwelcome content for the advertisers.

Excerpt from the cited paper, stating: 8 Appendix A: Advertising and Mixed Motives [newline] Currently, the predominant business model for commercial search engines is advertising. The goals of the advertising business model do not always correspond to providing quality search to users. For example, in our prototype search engine one of the top results for cellular phone is "The Effect of Cellular Phone Use Upon Driver Attention", a study which explains in great detail the distractions and risk associated with conversing on a cell phone while driving. This search result came up first because of its high importance as judged by the PageRank algorithm, an approximation of citation importance on the web [Page, 98]. It is clear that a search engine which was taking money for showing cellular phone ads would have difficulty justifying the page that our system returned to its paying advertisers. For this type of reason and historical experience with other media [Bagdikian 83], we expect that advertising funded search engines will be inherently biased towards the advertisers and away from the needs of the consumers.

relatable lichess blog
Image from Gboard clipboard

*Threads. Not as horribly bad as X-Twitter, but possibly even more boring and depressing than Mastodon


*Mastodon: weird, confusing, hostile, an empty void where you can't find anything or have any fun

brilliant meta advertising
questa vita mi distrugge
Cute seeing someone on the train playing a GBA game on an old Nintendo DS Lite.

Although, of course, they're at least 30

“Coroutines for Go”


A bit sad to see mastofe go, considering that making it work & usable many years ago was my largest source contribution to pleroma, considering I had no idea on how to work with neither React nor Elixir :(
Doing the occasional sysadmin session on my own servers upgrading software and services, ie. pleroma, is always a good reminder to me of why I'll always be a better developer than sysadmin.
Every time I take the Chemistry exam, my notes become more and more of a joke.
Software is like sex: it's better when it's out in the ope^W^W^W^W free

nobody allowed you to send me emails just because i starred your repository
"Le cose o si fanno bene o non si fanno"
"No; rifiuto il tuo binarismo su come si fanno le cose."


Any further expansion of math sets should follow the naming convention of existing sets, so:
Altre cronache sul treno da Torino a Milano: fa molto ridere come dopo aver superato Novara da qualche minuto, proprio sul confine tra Piemonte e Lombardia in prossimità del Ticino, cali un nebbione fittissimo che si estende per tutto il campo visivo
La metro di Torino è più veloce nel percorrere la tratta di Porta Nuova-Porta Susa di qualsiasi altro treno. Questo l'ho scoperto stamattina a mie spese, quando stamattina ho guardato il tabellone delle partenze e ho visto il mio treno scomparire, 10 minuti prima dell'orario di partenza sul biglietto
$Developer is typing...

after ten minutes

$Developer is typing...

just keeping a note of this so i never forget about it
pisoletti in de sala studietti

Cool website I found today: a complex function grapher.
My understanding of complex numbers is still not quite there yet, but the graphs you can generate with this thing are weird and sometimes pretty.


Just had an idea: there should be a CLI tool to provide “dumber” man pages with more examples and fewer lengthy details, so it can be used to find sample use cases easily

It should be called… bro

@quad Just hope that the postman doesn't steal it. ;)
28/09 Prime impressioni a Torino, dopo essermi iniziato a trasferire da qualche giorno da Modena:- Entrambe le città hanno una identità di colore ...


Dear Funny people on the internet

There has been some confusion about the coming changes to chrome, their impact, and on what to do. Here is a handy introduction.

1. What is happening

Popular web browser Chrome and the open source project it stems from, Chromium (both developed by Google), will soon change the way add-ons/extensions can interact with the browser. In short, extensions will be much less capable. This includes the ability of ad- and tracker blockers to block ads and trackers.

1.1 Why is this happening

The old way in which extensions could interact with the browser has been one of the main attack vectors on users from malicious extensions.

At the same time, Google is an advertisement and tracking company, so the conflict in interest is obvious. Providing a browser that is inherently less capable in blocking trackers and advertisement is profitable for them.

2. Why you should care

Besides being an annoyance, ads work. Even if you think they don't. Global advertising spendings are moving towards 1 trillion US-dollars per year, for reference. 

Your privacy is important! Tracking goes much further than you probably think. Your browsing-, location-, usage-, app-, and medical-history (if you use certain medical apps) are tracked. Not only should you not accept this level of intrusion, it can, has and will be used maliciously. Examples include political misinformation campaigns and police investigations due to period cycle information.
"la vita non è aspettare che passi la tempesta, ma saper ballare sotto la pioggia"

La dedizione di quest'uomo ai treni e alla documentazione di così tante cose interessanti su come funziona il servizio ferroviario è affascinante. Un pochettino stavo cercando un equivalente di CGP Grey per i treni in Italia, e credo di averlo trovato.
L'uninominale di Modena elegge il cdx alla camera e il csx al senato. La circoscrizione è diversa, ma fa comunque riflettere come cosa...

This fucking game

16/09 Anche il M5S ha chiesto che venga immediatamente avviata un’i...
One more fact about Turin's public transit - this time a bit more amusing. The agency launched a campaign inviting people to "Bippare", ie. validating tickets, a verb derivating from the "beep" the validator emits when swiping tickets in front of it. However, the PR people really didn't think through the fact that this is just a stroke away from the verb pippare, which is italian for snorting cocaine. Great job, GTT
Turin's Railway Metropolitan Space - a kind of commuter/light rail service like the S-Bahn or Overground - has these weird stations that really feel disproportionately big and lonely. Liminal spaces which beg the question of why they were built this way: platforms that are way too long for any reasonable size of train, with two different very wide staircases that lead to the underpass with four flights of stairs (as well as a pair of escalators which don't work), which are both however only on one side of the station. My best guess is that they were built to anticipate for the city's further future expansion. But it still kind of feels wrong when I've hardly seen train stations built like this in other big metropolitan cities.
I’m just going to leave this here. Good watch:
22/08 vivere vicino ad una strada principale, anche in una casa bella con giardino, è un po' la morte. e in più avevo sottovalutato sta storia...

One of the most useful explanations I found of the difference between VSS/RSS/PSS/USS, in determining use of system memory by a process:
è ufficialmente da un'ora che sto cercando un'aula studio o un bar lontanamente accettabile
modena ad agosto: uno dei posti più desolati sulla faccia della terra
A few days ago mobile hotspot started to have issues on my phone, so I tried switching to bluetooth tethering and just realised how seamless it is to use especially from Ubuntu. As long as you keep bluetooth on on your phone you can just connect to the internet in a second. And it just feels like so much less fucking around, and so much more immediate that I can actually really use my computer to do work whenever I'm on public transport.
08/07 Okay, it's bitching about Linux Desktop o'clock again.I use a pretty standard Ubuntu installation, with no fancy things as I got a r...
today’s pet project: a tcell-based go program which can turn a stream of 2x2 matrices from stdin int... (view more)
Still looking for a european language which has a different initial for each day of the week so that they can be abbreviated to a single letter
14/06 Air travel is one of the most frustrating travel experiences. Because in spite of being the fastest way to travel in theory, chances are tha...
09/06 status code expressions: a simple way to match http status codes (go)
work-from-home life
excuse me, wolfram?
openstreetmap on why what3words is a terrible geocoding system
il falegname fa legname
octorok murder #botw ... (view more)
A tre anni dal diploma, questo è l'unico caso in cui mi considero davvero fortunato ad aver fatto il linguistico alle superiori
(Iscrizione all'università in Svezia)
Yin Yin make some of the most interesting music I've discovered over the past month. It's inspired by psychedelic and south east asian music, but it's more than that.
the UNIX way: do one thing and do it well, but provide a lengthy and excessively complicated user manual lacking a decent quantity of examples so that users have to read all of the shit you wrote instead of copying and adapting an example.
There should be some kind of universal message which you can use with support emails to say that you're not clueless. Most of my exchanges with support teams tend to be "I have an issue, heres how it happens and here's the log of the http connections" "Try this: [canned response]" "I've already done that and you would have understood it if you read my first email you dickhead."


Surveillance too cheap to meter

Fun fact: there is a brainfuck compiler written in brainfuck: (Yes, you read that right. It directly compiles to 386 linux binaries)

This means that, combined with the interpeter dbfi (, you can:

  1. Create a trivial and dumb brainfuck interpeter yourself in your programming language of choice
  2. Run the awib source on itself using your interpeter to get an awib compiler generated by itself
  3. Use the awib compiler on dbfi to have an executable of a brainfuck interpeter made by a brainfuck compiler compiled by itself.

A toy language, huh?

This is what I wanted and desired for years. Thank god yearning for things in the programming world always has enough people frustrated just as much as you are to come up with a good solution eventually.
It's funny because Apple always manages to create immense frustration for literally everyone every few years or so. No, Apple, you have not reimagined word processors and spreadsheets by creating Pages and Numbers file formats - you've only outrageously multiplied the discomfort of so many people around the world, including your users who have no remote clue of what a file format is.


in the past 17 years, there has clearly been an upward trend of people not knowing where the fuck their phone is, with a particular spike concluding in an all-time high between april 2015 and march 2016. it can thus be concluded that these shitty bastards are getting better and better at hiding themselves and that 2016 was indeed one of the all-time worst years of humanity in the 21st century so far, second only to 2020.
For some reason, my brain has now decided that coffee nerfs me. So each time I take a cup, my brain is dead and just wants to sleep for a good 20 minutes.
It's weird to realise that for most of the time, the extent to which we have self perception is just seeing our arms and hands.
We've all had that moment, though, when having enjoyed erotic communications with a young girl (of more charm and beauty than one has a right to) and she is having a shower, you pick up her passport and inspect it (I read everything including cornflake packets) and you perceive what you hope is some sort of serial number, but is in fact her date of birth and when you have triple checked the figures on paper and on your calculator, you understand that what you've done is not only immoral, which is liveable, but also illegal, which perhaps isn't.
"I don't know why they call life life, it's just a momeny with memories"

The quantity of noteworthy sentences in this book is astounding.
in the many versions of the soul's roles, no one had suggested that there's only one conscious ness, not a collective one that's spread out liberally like jam on a giant brioche, but one awareness that races back and forth across the ages, that travels both time and continents; that consciousness is a hapax, a one-off.

"jam on a giant brioche" is probably one of the best summaries of Schopenhauer I'd ever read
05/11 A new young woman started work at the lycée. He dazzled her with his frayed paperbacks, his one-liners, his overview of Hegel. He took her t...
05/11 Today I managed to break my personal record for the time it takes me to get from my home to the train station in Modena: a whopping five min...
Quite a long time ago. I tried the last telephone number I had for him twenty years ago, knowing that it was liable to be unviable. The upshot was a conversation with an aggrieved landlord, who emphasised at enormous duration that he would like nothing more than to find Gérard, since the flat he had been renting had gone walkies leaving behind only a few smouldering embers. "I've had people take cutlery, or run off with some furniture, but I've never lost the whole flat."

[ The Thought Gang ]
Cristo spotify non capisci proprio un cazzo
il crimine più grande verso la lingua italiana dovrebbe essere la schwa? ma per favore, il crimine più grande è stato quello di Microsoft che ci ha obbligato ad utilizzare i codici alt per fare l'E maiuscola accentata.
spotify's biggest mistake: if you share your played songs with your friends, people can see the playlists you're playing. even those spotify generated for you.
so if someone happens to listen to one of those... boom. now you know that person's entire personality.
"perché devi sapere che sono molto cinefila..."
"oh cazzo"
"quanti cani hai?"
tutte le volte
«perché le caldaie sono un po' come noi, se sono sporche non funzionano» va bene gianfranco, abbiamo capito che le metafore non sono il tuo forte, ora se permetti dimmi quanto cazzo ti devo dare ed esci di casa
15/10 Comuni Italiani per Popolazione
Dimmi che hai la caldaia rotta senza dirmi che hai la caldaia rotta
10/10 On the culture of the “trash” media in Italy, and Fischer's Capitalist Realism
alarm idea
set up a very large amp in your beedroom
the alarm is Morricone's Ecstasy of Gold but it gets louder each time the motiv gets repeated
It still amazes me every time I come back to london to see that one of the most pressing issues for TfL to put in PSAs/ad banners is to "Mind the gap." It amazes me and makes me wonder how many people get hurt each year for not minding the gap.
I think one of the truest axioms of train stations in italy is that the bigger the city, the harder it will be to get cheap and good coffee nearby
ace attorney fandom.jpg
that moment when you (1) realise alacritty instantly closes without any warning whatever you're doing if you press alt+f4 (2) panic for the lost work (3) realise you were in a tmux session anyways so it doesn't matter because you can just `tmux a`
28/08 A cloudy morning in the mountains
started listening to a quite a bit more music recently, and it turns out that I've more than doubled my listening habits, beating 96% of users.
I call that a personal, albeit small and insignificant, victory.
The job problem of the IT sector is that the low offer of IT professionals make wages rise astronomically to be one of the best paid entry jobs in the world, but that basically no-one is willing to hire developers part time.
Luckily there is enough leverage that individuals can still find part time jobs without too much hassle. But I can't help but wonder about the fact that the sector could work effectively like the plane pilots' unions, and demand collectively and internationally for the maximum time to be 30 hours per week.
Although, with the amount of neoliberal culture native to so many IT professionals around the world, sadly I can only see this as a remote possibility.
castelvetro di modena
a very interesting article which explains a bit how our understanding of depression changed and is changing over time

22/08 On Miyazaki's incredible realism
Poche sensazioni possono eguagliare quella di intensa gioia che provi quando vedi l'autobus effettivamente arrivare a riolunato.
02/08 Da un articolo su “Il Fatto Quotidiano”, interessantissimo e importantissimo per comprendere quello che è successo quarantanni fa:https://ww...
Elon Musk's Loop is a Bizarrely Stupid Idea
Maude: I should like to change into a sunflower most of all. They’re so tall and simple. What flower would you like to be?
Harold: I don’t know. One of these, maybe.
Maude: Why do you say that?
Harold: Because they’re all alike.
Maude: Oooh, but they’re *not*. Look. See, some are smaller, some are fatter, some grow to the left, some to the right, some even have lost some petals. All *kinds* of observable differences. You see, Harold, I feel that much of the world’s sorrow comes from people who are *this*
[points to a daisy],  yet allow themselves be treated as *that* [gestures to a field of daisies].
this is quite ridiculous. feedburner probably has a maintenance cost among the 5 figures monthly, a drop in the water for google. email subscription has literally been THE core feature so much so that Blogger had a widget to subscribe by email. and yet they have the courage to justify the plethora of email feeds stopping to work by saying "we're moving to a more modern infrastructure" when that's bullshit speech for "this is not really making us money so we're turning it in something which does"
For the love of food will be always greater than any other kind of love.
Vivere in zona univesitaria vuol dire sentire più o meno una volta ogni 5 minuti "Dottore, Dottore, Dottore del buso del cul, affancul, affancul"
Memorie dal sindacato studentesco: questo è un esempio dell'efficienza della Pubblica Amministrazione nella scuola pubblica Italiana.
messaging app feature idea: for groups up to 4 people, the default profile picture should be an automatic collage of the people's profile pictures
jfc aka Jesus' Fried Chicken
node-sass managed yet again to break the build process in spite of no changes even being done to the frontend and no npm update being executed. jfc
Just went into my hometown's library for the first time in roughly a year. While you can only go to study with an appointment and thus there are much fewer people in spite of the study-intensive period, what's actually very positive about this is that the library's wifi works really well for the first time ever. Which is good but also raises question about the effective distribution and scaling of the wifi network when there are many people, since there are solutions to the problem which are just not implemented in the largest library of a mid-sized town in Italy.

brb watching netflix
Why do people have such high standards for keeping in touch online?
Like, from what I heard from friends a lot of us go through periods where we initially ignore people that we dont want to confront just yet. (Could be even just a simple "How are you doing?" at a bad time.) And we enter this constant feedback loop where we feel like shit for not answering messages, but we are now even more afraid to confront the conversation. Could we not try to understand that online communication is fundamentally different from offline communication also because each of us has a different way of using our mobile phones?
One of the side effects I've found about covid is the fact that when I encounter people I hadn't seen since feb 2020 it's a shock to see how much they've changed. A consequence of this is the fact that most of these brief encounters tend to be rather awkward because of the time it takes me to recognise them, the "Ohmygod!" yelled out loud when I figure out who they are, followed by an awkward conversation because of the shock state.

“Mathematicians don’t like […] losing, so they simply prove they can’t win” [ source ]

03/06 Math education rant
etoro competitor idea: a broker which lets you reverse-copy people who you know will make bad investing/trading decisions. (ie. all shorts become longs and vice versa)

“Buzkashi” is Afghanistan’s national game. Players in two teams try to catch a goat while riding a horse. This game is being played for centuries and is a tough sport. [ source ]

Mi sono imbattuto un po' per caso su un articolo de Il Giornale sui Maneskin:
La parte che trovo più buffa è che i Maneskin non parlano di politicamente corretto, né il dire "cazzo" o "coglioni" rientra in quello che si potrebbe definire politicamente corretto. Eppure a quanto pare la linea editoriale de Il Giornale ha stabilito di ficcarcelo più o meno ovunque, anche dove non c'entra un cazzo, così che il significato del termine possa includere "la censura da parte dell'Eurovision verso i Maneskin."
“Ok, apart from the absurdity of offering a third prize which is nothing and a first prize which is less enticing than the second, the question is: do you need a phone case?”
Thank you,, for saying that Blondie is from the 20s. I'm sure they were jamming to Heart of Glass back then.
capitalism is efficient because it is the only economical system where the project manager writes requirements which are guaranteed never to be read or cared about by anyone other than themselves and the developers (and only because they forgot what was said at the meeting while they were doing system updates)
top 2 favourite programming jokes:
Three accounts have more than one of the most-liked tweets in the top 30: South Korean band BTS has seventeen, former U.S. President Barack Obama has three, and U.S. President Joe Biden has two.

"... maybe korean boy band and politics are all that human really care?"
Carrying a cajon while on a bike:
- can put it down to sit anywhere
- you're carrying a cajon
Thank you, Sentry.
The soundtrack of Ocarina of Time, but it's a prog rock concept album

cambiare le melodie delle campane delle chiese di bologna per farle suonare la melodia di "Bevo, bevo, bevo bevo bevo, son ubriaco e son felice anche se poi vomito"
Pain and desperation as you try to learn linear algebra and Khan Academy presents you with a 25-minute video where the guy talks about examples of vectors. Good thing youtube has implemented the playback speed feature.

/* this should never happen */

extra content: Tusky_1617821676502_HOZBK0LW5E.mp4... (view more)
07/04 “i cliché sono le verità di cui ci siamo annoiati”
07/04 “Once, when contemplating the apparently endless growth of administrative responsibilities in British academic departments, I came up with o...
I also marked the papers. Apocryphally, examiners toss papers down those charming staircases in Cambridge and grade them according to their altitude. I wouldn't have minded adopting that method, but gathering up all the scattered papers sounded onerous. I went through (without reading them, since that would have been judgemental and unfair on those who were lazy and under brained) mechanically going up and down the grades from third to first to third. It was a time when I was praying to be fired, but no one contested my marking.
Do you know who I am?

This is a risky ploy. Akin to parachuting, you've got to be sure it's going to work, otherwise all you're doing is outrageously multiplying your discomfort. It was the only time I made a claim to importance; my play for dignity only resulted in pure indignity.
"Dr Coffin, you are lazy ... thoughtless ... crapulent ... contemptible." I was biding my time until something came up to which I could object, but nothing surfaced in her disdain that I could really contest.
Dying right is important for your career. Let's be frank, Socrates' name for one would have covered a lot less paper if he'd expired on account of a bad oyster or a vicious cold. Bruno's only remembered at all because of his pre-death cremation, and Seneca salvaged himself sharpish by slashing his wrists in the bath.
Hubert was lying sedately on the floor, almost making it look comfortable. I could tell from his breathing he was awake too, but not eager to confront the day either. Why endure verticality when you can be horizontal?
some real piece of wisdom right here

JavaScript’s design was absolutely not short-sighted.


fun weekend experiments: writing a chess format (pgn) parser

(1. e4 d5 2. exd5)

18/03 cutcsv: the csv swiss army knife
backend developers: i can't guarantee this will work anywhere other than linux
frontend developers: i can't guarantee this will work anywhere other than chrome
ios developers: lol this will only work on ios and literally nowhere else
future headline:

"Software developers across the world go on strike as Stack Exchange enters its second day of downtime"
I forum italiani, non importadi quale argomento trattino, avranno sempre dei post che fanno scompisciare dalle risate.
therapist: "what do you think of when I say physical pain?"


"37% of British workers believe that their jobs make no meaningful contribution to the world. And maybe that's not surprising, because the main products of the British economy since the Thatcher years have been Sarcasm and transphobia."
*googling "where is my phone" once every hour as i struggle to find my bloody phone in a flat with 4 rooms and a hallway*


una delle cose belle e a volte un po' fastidiose del natale è la voglia della gente di chiacchierare ,- anche sconosciuti per strada o vecchi amici che si rifanno vivi.
ho appena ricevuto questo per quanto riguarda il bonus 18app.
ho come la sensazione che mandare questo messaggio a tutti i beneficiari sia un po' uno streisand effect
ho sempre istintamente saputo che telethon fosse una truffa ben nascosta, poi oggi ho scoperto che il suo presidente era l'ex presidente di confindustria
Sale la nebbia sui prati bianchi
Come un cipresso nei camposanti
Un campanile che non sembra vero
Segna il confine fra la terra e il cielo
Ma tu che vai ma tu rimani
Vedrai la neve se ne andrà domani
Rifioriranno le gioie passate
Col vento caldo di un'altra estate
Anche la luce sembra morire
Nell'ombra incerta di un divenire
Dove anche l'alba diventa sera
E i volti sembrano teschi di cera
Ma tu che vai ma tu rimani
Anche la neve morirà domani
L'amore ancora ci passerà vicino
Nella stagione del biancospino
La terra stanca sotto la neve
Dorme il silenzio di un sonno greve
L'inverno raccoglie la sua fatica
Di mille secoli da un'alba antica
Ma tu che stai perché rimani?
Un altro inverno tornerà domani
Cadrà altra neve a consolare i campi
Cadrà altra neve sui camposanti
TODO comments - aka: I don't really want to do this right now and it's not urgent, and not worth creating a ticket for
That nice feeling when a song doesnt seem to add up in 4/4 and then you realize it's a 5/4.
there's one thing twitter's still useful for:
searching a service name to understand if it's down for everyone or just you.
In this article: being supported by volunteers means being supported by slaves, because you are not paying them.

Come fucking on.

L’Hosting Italiano™ vs l’Hosting All’Estero™


gitlab’s description of sysadmins is particularly accurate

26/11 A script to migrate from Gitea to GitLab
La lista del Moldibeno

2AM adventures:

  1. Look up info about Svelte.
  2. Wind up on the github README.
  3. Click on a linked SuperUser question
  4. Click on an interesting question on the sidebar.
  5. Read the plot of the short story as the question’s author poses it, and think: “wow this is an interesting plotline”
  6. Wind up listening to a 30-minute podcast reading the novel in a damn-thick north american accent.
  7. Finish listening and think “damn, reading sci fi is good every once in a while.”

Now, back to programming.

16/11 Gitea instance update information
you were caught on the crossfire of childhood and stardom
blown on the steel breeze
come on you target for faraway laughter come on you stranger, you legend, you martyr, and shine

Oggi, in scoperte riguardanti il trasporto pubblico locale:
Ho appena trovato la lista dei soci di SETA e mi sta venendo da piangere.
and today, music that seems to my brain to be very correlated but which actually differs quite a bit: Feel Good, Inc & Sunny Afternoon.

Well, almost. There seems to be some covers/mashups of the two.

*panickingly repeating three times git status 1 second apart each when starting to work*

"Indipendentemente dai risultati possiamo dire che stanotte la vera vincitrice è la democrazia" - Opinionista con lo stracchino nel cervello

[ Automatizzato Comunismo Memetico ]
perdere tempo la notte per cercare di capire che casino ha fatto microsoft a sto giro non è democrazia
che bello quando github abbassa il timeout ssh senza considerare il fatto che la gente a cui legittimamente ssh va lento esistono
worker gives away 1% of their monthly income in charity or donations: weird choice but ok
billionaire gives away 10$mil in donations to a cause that will actually cause them to earn back more than that: pHilAnTRoPiSt
Wallace: Let’s move on to climate change. Mr. President, what do you believe about the science of climate change, and what is your plan to confront it?
Trump: I want clean water and air. As far as the California fires are concerned, the forest floors are full of dead trees and leaves.
Wallace: Okay but what do you believe about the science of climate change?
Trump: I want clean water and air. I’ve planted a biyyon trees. We’ve got to pick the leaves up in the forest in California. Every year I get the call. California’s burning again. Because again they didn’t pick up the fucking leaves. You know in Europe, they pick up leaves.

[ ]
È sempre buffo vedere come gli autisti sfogano la loro rabbia su queste bestie da soma ormai sull'orlo della rottamazione.
Il C a bologna regala sempre tante emozioni e tanto mal d'auto.
Almost caused an accident this morning as well.
This time around, I learned: try to never break your bike wheels.
My bike just broke so yesterday I have experienced the wonderful adventure of trying to get scooters to work in my city while the repairs are being done.
And that's how I wound up walking home for 40 minutes because the scooter stopped working halfway through due to the battery showing to be 1/3 full while it was completely empty.
website: you don't need to write down your country, we already got that from your ID card
me: ok cool! *submits*
website: you can't leave the country empty
me: ...
me: *removes the disabled field from the input*
website: great, here's the next step:
Vedere la gente che si bacia alle porte dei treni è una cosa bellissima.
pinco pallino sei tutti noi
Another case of functionality regression: used to provide C14, which had a very easy to use interface through rsync. I would just copy an SSH url, and then slam that into `rsync -avP <file> <url>`.

But that was too simple. If I want to upload a simple backup I need to install the S3 CLI.

23/08 Christian De Sica sulla sinistra

The Nuxt Authentication module is an example of a system where everything was meant to be so dumbed down and something "not to think about" that it's actually very hard to make it work the way you want it to.
14/08 Ma non il futuro di Medical Dimension, che è una gran cazzata, io parlo della locura, René, la locura. La pazzia – che cazzo, René! –, la ce...
Whoever thought that helper functions as dependencies were a good idea?
Il problema non è il ritardo in sé, il problema è il ritardo che aumenta costantemente
Grazie di esistere, trenitalia.
Fake news is not an issue, and neither is bad journalism. Those are active forms of misleading the public, and tend to be very easy to notice, even by the public itself. The issue is rather the fact that many media companies tend to put forward their agenda by simply "not talking" about issues which would put their political ideals or goals in a bad light. They don't challenge themselves, and thus the individuals receiving the information don't, either.
Campagna pubblicitaria vecchia trenitalia. "Chi non paga nuoce anche te. Digli di smettere."
Fa sempre un po' ridere. In generale le aziende quando hanno problemi del genere tendono a cercare di generare odio tra gli individui piuttosto che capire le cause strutturali del problema.
"la controversialità di un'affermazione è direttamente proporzionale al numero di fonti su wikipedia"
Sto facendo il TOLC, con orario di inizio 14:00. Ahimè, quando il massimo doveva essere di 25 studenti in aula virtuale, il massimo effettivo sembra essere di 30 persone. E la procedura di riconoscimento richiede una cosa come 3 minuti per ogni studente. Chiaramente, il mio TOLC è l'ultimo, in quanto uno dei più veloci da svolgere.

Che palle.
L'ideologia, l'ideologia
Malgrado tutto credo ancora che ci sia
È la passione, l'ossessione
Della tua diversità
Che al momento dove è andata non si sa
Dove non si sa, dove non si sa
L'abitudine nel verdere gli angoli, le strade, i quartieri di modena mi ha portato ormai a guardare sempre e costantemente dritto. Ma ogni volta che vado a Bologna, o anche quando sono andato a Roma una settimana fa, non riesco a smettere di guardare in alto e ammirare. Guardare con stupore gli alberi, gli edifici, i monumenti. La bellezza congiunta nella natura e dell'uomo.
Parlando di qualcosa di più leggero, se c'è qualcosa che dobbiamo tenere dopo che è finita l'emergenza sanitaria in toto, sono le entrate e le uscite separate sui treni. Molto più veloce e meno fastidioso.
12/07 L'informazione, e la politica non istituzionale
It's frustrating to read the Django documentation while trying to debug a mail sending issue and seeing that it refers to TLS/SSL without understanding that in mail they are actually one and the same and that if anything what it wants to refer to is the difference between STARTTLS and SMTPS.
giretto a roma
Lo sharing dei monopattini è un fottuto furto. Se io volessi utilizzare quello meno caro per un'ora, spenderei 10€. Senza considerare il fatto che le applicazioni sono qualcosa di terrificante.
piss off
11/06 Oggi ho avuto un&#39;esperienza da castello di Kafka.Devo prendere Hype plus. Per registrarmi ho bisogno di un certificato di residenza. Vad...
E se vi siete detti
Non sta succedendo niente
Le fabbriche riapriranno
Arresteranno qualche studente
Convinti che fosse un gioco
A cui avremmo giocato poco
Provate pure a credervi assolti
Siete lo stesso coinvolti
questa è l'italia del futuro, rené: un paese di musichette mentre fuori c'è la morte!
more frustration
reading through postfix's source code. the frustration is intense.
Now that we basically got rid of IE9<, it's probably about time we got rid of safari as well.
se lo stato italiano lavora pure di domenica, allora la situazione passa da seria a grave.
(gazzetta ufficiale)
15/05 unlimited space: creating a s3-based filesystem with s3backer
The controversiality of a statement is directly proportional to the number of supporting citations on wikipedia
07/05 tool: the only build tool you (well, I) need
there is probably a far less useful word in the english language than "biweekly", since it does not actually give you any indication of what it actually means and you are supposed to always infer it from context (twice a week or once every two weeks?)
i think that in general, you can spot good developers if you see that they generally remove more lines of code than they add.
Front end javascript developers realised that by not requiring their code to be compiled, they were actually not spending as much time slacking off as their backend developer friends. As a consequence, they decided to build such slow build tools that JavaScript code now takes more time to compile than backend code.
01/05 First of may
«'Cause it's the first of May, first of May
Outdoor fucking starts today
So bring your favorite lady
Or at least your favorite lay
The water's not cold baby dip in your big toe
Maybe I'll see you in flagrante delicto
Grass below you, sky above
Celebrate spring with a crazy little thing called fucking outside»
I've started growing really sick of quarantine over the past few days. I'm really starting to realise the toll on mental health it is taking on me (and on everyone else as well).
"I'm unhappy!"
"Not really! Since when?"
"I don't know..."
"Extraordinary, the tricks that memory plays."
#showerthoughts you make birthday presents as a way to pay over time for the things you want and you get all of them on your birthday

26/04 "le persone non sono obbligate a lavorare su deliveroo. se per loro non è conveniente, basta non lavorare!"
il costo del lavoro non è determinato dal minimo che le persone pretendono per lavorare da te, ma dal minimo che sono disposte ad accettare. questo perché esistono le persone disoccupate.
i rider vengono pagati cifre da fame perché non hanno alternative. e allora non si fanno troppi problemi ad accettare il lavoro da deliveroo. non possono scegliere di semplicemente non lavorare per loro.
26/04 Piero Calamandrei premonitore della riforma Gelmini
"so i just spent an evening working out a way to make a statically generated blog out of the posts on my pleroma instance"
"but you did this for what?"
"why not"
"why not"
"why tho"
25/04 Multi-streaming on three different platforms
How NOT to implement advanced functions for API querying:
* Creating your own specific SQL language
Oggi ho insegnato a mio padre a fare modifiche su Wikipedia. È stata un'esperienza mistica.
hating javascript every day more
Certo non si può nemmeno stare
Tutto il giorno a disegnare
Una casetta con il sole
Quando il sole se ne va
how is it possible that building a container for a go service, a statically typed language, takes a few seconds, and javascript takes fucking MINUTES?
today I have:
sent an angry email to trello's support explaining why I hate atlassian
"oh yes, i'm gonna install windows, it's only gonna take me a couple of hours"
yeah, guess how that turned out.
legit question: why is a communist slider literally one of the first things to show up when you google osu. i thought this was google personalising the images for me, but this is a clean firefox install and should still not know who i am
So in the end I did it. I am installing windows 7 on my laptop. I know it is generally advisable not to use a windows operating system which is more than 10 years old. But I nonetheless strongly believe that Windows 7 was the last decent Windows OS.
"Ragazzi non mandatemi i compiti alle 3 di notte, mi raccomando"
Ieri sera ho finito di leggere L'Anima Buona del Sezuan. Forse l'unico lato positivo di aver studiato tedesco 5 anni è quello di poter studiare e confrontarmi con altri su Bertolt Brecht.
È bello. Una delle parti che forse fa più riflettere è quando alla fine Shui Ta si difende dal proprio male dicendo che era per il bene della figlia di Shen-Teh, a qual punto riceve la risposta dal compaesano: e mia figlia quindi deve soffrire per lei?

Il conflitto tra morale e coscienza in brecht è fantastico.

e poi i bimbi capitalisti dicono che il mondo non fa schifo
olly3.mp4 olly1.mp4 olly2.mp4... (view more)
11/04 che ci sta, per dio, discutere di queste cose a me stesso interessano e i meme mi fanno ridere. ma il problema è che il dibattito pubblico d...
comunque sinceramente sta cosa di conte che improvvisamente, con la quarantena, è diventato l'homo novus italiano nostro eroe che ci salverà dall'epidemia mi sta un po' sul culo. a nessuno frega un cazzo di quel che effettivamente sta dicendo o facendo, alla gente interessa soltanto lui come figura paterna che dice agli italiani andrattuttobbene e interessa il tea. tipo lui che va a dire a matteo salvini di chiudere la cazzo di bocca così come quando ad agosto durante la crisi di governo era andato a fare l'elenco a salvini di tutti i motivi per cui è un pezzo di merda.
"oh yes, quarantine will be so much better than normal life! i'll finally have time to take care of myself!"
in actual fact, I have at least as many meetings as i used to do before quarantine.

so what do we do when we are angry, upset and just want to kill all our family members? we go in our bedroom and we read the entire biography of woody allen

(this hasn't happened to me but i find it hilarious)
"oggi no, domani forse, dopodomani sicuramente"
"qualcuno era comunista perché era nato in emilia"
05/04 Adding data to the end of a Go executable
i'm going back to microblogging about my system adventures. holy shit i'm really growing a neckbeard
oh yeah, the bumbleebee note is because the opposite would happen in that case: every time i tried to do something, it wouldn't work, then after a few hours of googling i would find out that on systems which have a double gpu you have to do a totally different process.
coming from a computer install of linux on which i had to use bumblebee, my thinkpad always leaves me with a smile whenever i do system maintenance.

everything just works. not only that, but often it will work even better on thinkpads than what it does on other hardware.
an example of this i stumbled upon today is tlp, which exclusively on thinkpads has even better support and reports even more data.

i love my thinkpad.
and possibly like many things i come up with this is already a thing, has already a name, i just don't know about it yet lol
i'm also trying to see if the idea i had of building software using microservices each with at most 2000 LOC is going to work.
the goal would be to not fuck around with interfaces and providers for databases and such because those just take away time from actual coding. write it without interfaces but make it small, so that whenever you feel like that component is shit, you toss away the entire package, keep the API and rethink from scratch what you are doing.
so yesterday i made my first serious attempt at using grpc and as i was starting to build my current project i realised that it was what i needed all along.
quarantine day 23
neckbeard: growing
projects started: 2
time spent on the computer: 12 hours per day on avg
"[...] and that was the worst mistake I ever made. Well, apart from my second marriage. And going to Afghanistan. And that time the military police arrested me over a misunderstanding about some guns. And pretty much every time I've gone out drinking during the week.

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.― George Orwell"

well, that escalated quickly

(taken from a forum)
ho fatto freelancing fino a circa un'oretta fa. e ora devo studiare scienze per un paio d'ore
io: "qual è il sostantivo dell'atto di tradire?"
il mio cervello, dopo 4 ore di studio: "... tradizione"
17/03 Lunedì 27 febbraio (12 marzo) Rodzjanko inviò altri telegrammi allo zar. Gli ricordava che la sospensione della Duma fino ad aprile era stat...
In tutto questo, sto facendo un sacco di ricerca sulla rivoluzione russa poiché mi è stata assegnato come compito la schematizzazione degli eventi principali.

Ho fatto una pagina intera e ho solo trattato i prodromi. E questo è il motivo per cui non posso studiare storia per conto mio.
17/03 Una delle cose più belle di Wikipedia è leggere degli articoli seri che trattano un argomento in maniera puramente oggettiva, e nella stessa...
>giovedì lezione alle 9
>mi sveglio alle 7:30 per via della differenza d'orario
>nessuno scrive niente
>mi accorgo che la lezione è stata spostata a lunedì
ieri ho visto comizi d'amore.
è il mio primo tentativo nel vedere qualcosa di pasolini, e ancora non ho abbastanza distacco da ieri sera per capire cosa effettivamente mi è rimasto. di certo è l'ennesima dimostrazione della profonda differenza culturale e sociale tra nord e sud. e forse ci fa vedere come già allora si pensava che l'inferiorità della donna nei confronti dell'uomo fosse "giusta così", figuriamoci oggi.
Considerate la vostra semenza:
fatti non foste a viver come bruti,
ma per seguir virtute e canoscenza.
una signora ferma un'altra all'entrata della biblioteca e dice: "oh salve signora! auguri di buon anno in ritardo!"
è il 7 di febbraio. anche buona pasqua a questo punto.
si dice "andato" per le persone in un'ebbrezza/fattanza temporanea, "rimasto" per una permanente
part 2Pick-Up Artists 9m22s - 9m41.1s… Pick-Up Artists 9m22s - 9m41.1s (bTomsgnRZFk) 2401.mp4... (view more)
Pick-Up Artists 7m16.1s - 7m37.… Pick-Up Artists 7m16.1s - 7m37.1s (bTomsgnRZFk) 2401.mp4... (view more)
These days where I do a lot of studying and watching youtube remind me of how my "old life" used to be. Back when I still binge watched kurzgesagt videos from 10 to 1 am, only to wake up the next morning really tired and really badly looking. But catching up on CGP Grey is always worth it.
me when i dont know what the fuck is going on anymore


ragionamento che facevo non fondato con effettiva verifica storica, ma la perdita di controllo da parte della chiesa e la nascita degli stati nazionali sono causati da un passaggio di una cultura religiosa ad una nazionale per così dire. e quindi il sovrano, il potere temporale, rappresentante della cultura nazionale, acquisisce potere.
ed è allora per questo che in un certo senso la campagna di salvini vince. perché va un passo oltre la DC, che guadagnava consensi nell'elettorato cristiano, poiché cristiana. si identifica come rappresentante del popolo italiano. e il fatto che parli di processo contro di lui come processo contro il popolo italiano è terrificante.

anche perché la conseguenza è che chi è contro di lui non è italiano ma bensì un traditore della patria.
19/01 tante parole sono state dette oggi. nelle prossime settimane, le immagini della bellissima manifestazione di oggi si diffonderanno nel mondo...
Voi che vivete sicuri
nelle vostre tiepide case,
voi che trovate tornando a sera
il cibo caldo e visi amici:
Considerate se questo è un uomo
che lavora nel fango
che non conosce pace
che lotta per mezzo pane
che muore per un si o per un no.
Considerate se questa è una donna,
senza capelli e senza nome
senza più forza di ricordare
vuoti gli occhi e freddo il grembo
come una rana d'inverno.
Meditate che questo è stato:
vi comando queste parole.
Scolpitele nel vostro cuore
stando in casa andando per via,
coricandovi, alzandovi.
Ripetetele ai vostri figli.
O vi si sfaccia la casa,
la malattia vi impedisca,
i vostri nati torcano il viso da voi.
[...] Or dov’è il suono
di que’ popoli antichi? or dov’è il grido
de’ nostri avi famosi, e il grande impero
di quella Roma, e l’armi, e il fragorío
che n’andò per la terra e l’oceáno?
Tutto è pace e silenzio, e tutto posa
il mondo, e piú di lor non si ragiona.
Nella mia prima etá, quando s’aspetta
bramosamente il dí festivo, or poscia
ch’egli era spento, io doloroso, in veglia,
premea le piume; ed alla tarda notte
un canto, che s’udía per li sentieri
lontanando morire a poco a poco,
giá similmente mi stringeva il core.

Canti (XIII), Leopardi.


imperialism is not dead
so workers vote for nationalist parties. after all, they're not exploited at their workplace, they're just 'working hard.' the threat in their everyday life is often not what they experience, but instead what they hear of.
one of the greatest achievement of the american dream and its equivalent in european countries is that it really takes away all class identity throughout society. people don't really think to be working class, because the culture sorrounding them tells them they can be rich if they work hard enough. so they work hard, thinking that doing so they will become rich, not understanding that the only thing that will make them rich is owning the means of production.
People don't like to identify as working class. And that's how subproletariat is born.
In a state of maths, the Prime Minister is in charge of finding new prime numbers.
ma la cosa che mi ha fatto più pensare è come vans venda controcultura. vende essere ribelli. abbastanza ironico. e ammetto che lo sto dicendo indossando fieramente una banda bianca sulle mie scarpe.
disposizione a mo' di mostra d'arte. è probabilmente stato pensato per essere un ibrido tra una galleria d'arte e un negozio di scarpe.
sono dovuto uscire a mani vuote anche perché il vans store che mi sono ritrovato era molto diverso dagli altri. e soprattutto non aveva lacci in esposizione.
sono appena uscito da un vans store a covent garden. in realtà ero venuto per cambiare i lacci delle mie vans, ma immagino che lo farò un'altra volta.
what's the point in being rich if you're going to wear plastic bags instead of trousers anyway?
enjoying the lower/middle class life

(però sempre prendendo il filter coffee da 99p)
btw, a dimostrazione di questo: basti vedere la differenza tra il successo di hipdem e sapore di male. Hanno messaggi e target diversi, vero, ma uno viene repostato da persone in genere politicamente schierate e l'altro no.
(sesso droga e pastoriziaAAAAA)
le pagine di meme sono un esempio di questo, e sono capacissime nel sottointendere un messaggio politico studiato attentamente.
pretendere che la battaglia si gioca nella vita reale non aiuta. la guerra avviene sui social, e di profilo in profilo, che gradualmente si trasformano in voti.
(questo si tratta in realtà del ragionamento che viene fatto in russia, e per cui secondo me le troll farm esistono. la parola "fake news" è stata utilizzata per catalogare questo fenomeno. ma ai livelli più alti è molto probabile che per influenzare le opinioni siano stati creati dei "contenitori social" che raggiungano una certa audience radicabile e poi, tramite messaggi politici, anche subliminali, sia stato influenzato il voto. molto più semplice ed efficace rispetto a 30 anni fa)
ne consegue che questo ragionamento può essere esteso anche alla politica. se fosse stato il pd in prima linea a portare avanti il movimento delle sardine, se fossero stati i verdi a fondare fridays for future, questi movimenti avrebbero avuto il successo che hanno oggi? non credo proprio.
c'è un fenomeno abbastanza particolare sotto a questo aspetto. a parità di contenuti, se qualcosa viene pubblicato da una testata editoriale, o comunque qualcosa che è solo "una pagina instagram", ha molto più impatto sui social rispetto a qualcosa postato da un brand direttamente.
è interessante vedere i repost di certe persone e andare a vedere le pagine: l'esempio più ovvio è freeda, che dopo aver consolidato una follower base molto ampia grazie a marketing aggressivo, è riuscito poi a fare pubblicità a praticamente chiunque glielo chiedesse.
se il cellulare è la televisione del 21° secolo, il social media marketing è il product placement del nuovo secolo.
mama, just killed a server
26/12 Se si prova a capire seneca in chiave laica, bisogna intendere la figura di Dio che aiuta gli uomini buoni come la società che premia coloro...
so. here we go again.