A cloudy morning in the mountains

Published (click to see context) on 28/08/2021 by Morgan Bazalgette • 2 minutes
I've just had a wonderful morning here in the mountains.
It was drizzling all morning, as some clouds were passing through the mountains. It is akin to being in the fog when you're in the plain: although you think you can't really see much, but if you go from a panoramic point of view you can start seeing all the parts of the cloud passing through the mountain. As it was quite cold, I made myself a fire, which reminded me of the incredible amount of joy and endorphines that lighting up a fire gives, especially as it rewards you with the incredible warming heat and smell that you wanted. After a few more hours, the clouds finally went away, to leave the place to a wonderful landscape & scenery of the entire valley straight after a long cloudy morning. And as always, I cannot but find immense joy in seeing the entirety of the valley.
But what has struck me is how different it is to be cloudy in the mountains or in the plains. In the plains, you can look at the sky and draw an expectation of when the sun wil come again. If you're in the clouds in the mountains, there is not really much to do: you don't know when it will be over - the only thing that can give you a vague idea is the weather. But when the cloud suddenly goes away to leave place to the wonderful scenery behind it, the joy that you feel is beyond any comparison.
I think this is a way for nature to say enjoy the moment. You needn't think "this afternoon will be better" - try to appreciate what you have around right now and make the most out of it!
And this philosophy becomes steadily clear each day you stay in the mountains.
This is a welcoming and warming place, where everything around you is filled with beauty, colour and life: from the fireplace, to the trees, to the clouds and the wildlife. There is abundance of resources and thus nature feels no need to attack you, so why should you attack her?