Gitea instance update information

Published (click to see context) on 16/11/2020 by Morgan Bazalgette • 3 minutes

I took the decision to move the zxq Gitea Instance to GitLab. This will provide better development support for my personal projects, which is the main reason why I’m switching the software, as well as hopefully all of you.

TimelineLimitations to the migration

The migration is meant to keep the vital information of the service (which is to say, basically, the code and the ownership rules). This means:

Post-migration considerations

As part of this migration, registration is being kept open to allow all users to contribute to projects through issues and pull requests. For this reasons, repository creation is also being kept open, however going forward zxq is not meant to be a public code hosting service. The reasoning is simple: being a public code hosting service comes with maintenance costs and is prone to be scaled. Maintenance is even the simple “managing spam” side of things. For this reason, CI minutes will not be given for users outside the “common” existing users of zxq (ie. the Ripple team). Other limitations will be put in place, probably regarding Group/organization creation and repository size (although they will be better figured out as we go).

If, nonetheless, you can’t be bothered to set up your own GitLab/Gitea instance, shoot me an email at (even if I don’t know you) so that I can grant you access to the features. My hope is that in the next 5 years forgefed could become a thing (note: people saying that git is already distributed & federated and that there is no need for an ActivityPub implementation miss the point. Git is not for command line nerds only, because GitHub has made it correctly a software for everyone).