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Published (click to see context) on 05/11/2021 by Morgan Bazalgette • 1 minute
Today I managed to break my personal record for the time it takes me to get from my home to the train station in Modena: a whopping five minutes. Very happy with my new personal record, I rewarded myself with an overpriced apricot croissant, to then get on the train to Milan. But unbeknownst to me lied a darker truth: once I got on the train, I searched my backpack for my money-making tool, only to find out I had forgotten it at home.

My point being: How did we, as a civilisation, come to the conclusion that doing things in the morning was a good idea?
Admittedly this is part of a larger question (how did we conclude that violence, capitalism, hierarchy, money and slavery was a good idea?), but it is still I think a good question to ask considering a good chunk of us fails to understand shit in the morning - be it at home, at our jobs or at school.