tool: the only build tool you (well, I) need

Published (click to see context) on 07/05/2020 by Morgan Bazalgette • 1 minute

One of the many good things about Go is that it makes every opinionated discussion superfluous by being authoritarian. Tabs or spaces? Doesn’t matter, use go fmt. What build tool to use? Just go build. If you need to generate files, use go generate. And for the most part, it works, and I don’t particularly feel the need for a build tool.

As it happens, however, in some projects you need to cope with programming languages which sadly aren’t as authoritarian as Go. Most of the time, I don’t really care, but it does bother me when I have to install a build tool just for that program I had to install.

So, here’s tool. This is just a tiny bash script that I use as a boilerplate one-file build tool when a project demands it, which I figured might be useful to someone else.