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19 years • modena, italy
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09/06 status code expressions: a simple way to match http status codes (go)


15/10 Comuni Italiani per Popolazione
10/10 On the culture of the “trash” media in Italy, and Fischer's Capitalist Realism
07/04 “i cliché sono le verità di cui ci siamo annoiati”
18/03 cutcsv: the csv swiss army knife


26/11 A script to migrate from Gitea to GitLab
12/07 L'informazione, e la politica non istituzionale
15/05 unlimited space: creating a s3-based filesystem with s3backer
07/05 tool: the only build tool you (well, I) need
25/04 Multi-streaming on three different platforms
05/04 Adding data to the end of a Go executable

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